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15 questions to ask before hiring a makeup artist and hairstylist for your Dubai Wedding  

Hiring a makeup artist and hairstylist for your wedding is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your wedding journey. Every bride is unique and I understand that it can be challenging to make a decision if the artist is right for you.

So, to make your search easier, here are the questions you should ask your Dubai makeup and hair artist.


Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

1.  What types of wedding makeup have you done before?

Asking a makeup artist if she has done weddings before is an obvious question and for sure she will answer a quick “yes!”. However, a more important question that can help you better is asking if she has an experience in different types of weddings.

Dubai is such a cultural melting pot with many different nationalities. Having practiced professional makeup and hair artistry in the UAE for many years now, I have had brides from many different nationalities: European, Indian, Pakistani, Arabs, Filipina, Russian, and many more. This means, I already know what products and styles to use for different skin types and makeup preferences.

Every culture has a different preferred style. For example, there is a massive difference with Arabic makeup from Western style makeup. It is then important that your makeup artist and hairstylist is an expert in these varying styles.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

2. Can I see photos and videos of previous makeup you’ve done with my same skin and face type?

It is very easy to get amazed at very nice makeup photos, but it does not always follow that the artist is an expert in creating a look that will suit you.  So, a more useful question is asking photos for previous brides with your same skin type and face shape.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

3. What look will you recommend for me?

It’s very important that you and your makeup and hair artist are on the same page. You then have to ask this question to make sure you like her style, but before this, you also have to know yourself what you like and dislike.

Do you not like red lipsticks and are more comfortable wearing pinkish tones? Are you not loving bronze shadows and think colorful tones fit your personality better? Not everyone is good in explaining things so I usually ask my brides to bring a reference photo which can be helpful in explaining her preferences.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

4. Do you do trial makeups?

Trial makeups are important especially for brides who are unsure what type of makeup looks they want for their wedding events. This is a great way to gauge your artist’s expertise as well.

Trial makeups also take time and skill so please do not ask your potential makeup artist to do this for free. Value her time and expertise.

I create two different looks during trial sessions to know my client preferences are. One great tip is when checking your reflection, do not use zoom in mirrors as no one will take pics of you that way. Check your makeup at a natural distance to get a real feel. Be sure to point out what you love during trial sessions so your artist can take notes.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

5. What products do you use and will they be suitable for Dubai weather?

Ensure that your makeup artist is using makeup products that are high end. For me, I only use the best tried and tested products. From my experience, high end products make a big difference in a way the makeup last during the event, especially in Dubai where the weather can be very different from outdoor to indoor.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

6. Is your makeup photography friendly?

There are makeup products that looks good in person but in photos, they can make you look washed out, weird and have uneven skin tone.

My vast experience in weddings in Dubai has equipped me with expert knowledge on products that are photography friendly, so, no need to worry about flashbacks or shiny makeup on photos. I am also expert in blending and contouring so you will not have those unblended, uneven skin tone on photos.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

7. How much time will my makeup and hairstyling will take?

You have to clarify this with your artist to make sure the makeup and hair schedule will not be too early or too late. The time also affects other suppliers like the photographer, hotel venue, and the time guests have to arrive.  As I have worked with the Dubai wedding photographers and hotels before, I already have an efficient routine for my brides.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

8. What about touch ups?

I understand that you also have to enjoy your wedding, taste the great food and dance the night away, but what happens to your makeup then? You have to ask your makeup artist about this.

For me, the makeup look I create would last 12 hours but I still provide my brides a touch-up kit in case they want to retouch their lipstick after food. I also have an add-on package where I can extend my hours for a minimal extra fee.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

9. Do you provide hair extensions?

Extensions! This is an important question especially for brides who want to have that extra oomph and volume to their hairstyle! People living in Dubai suffer from hairloss a lot so adding extensions can be a good idea.  Ask your stylist if they provide extensions or you need to bring your own.

For me, I recommend clients to bring their own extensions that match perfectly with their hair color. Of course, I do guide them if they need to purchase to ensure they are buying the correct one suited to their preferred hairstyle?

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

10. Are your familiar with placing veils/dupatta/head jewelry?

Different brides from different cultures also have different wedding accessories – whether it’s a veil, dupatta, hijab or golden headpieces. You have to ask your hair stylist whether she has done this before and has expertise in placing it on brides.

Admit it! Middle Eastern and South Asian brides have the heaviest veils and head jewelries so if you are going to wear one yourself, make sure to inform your stylist.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

11. Are there any skin and hair reminders for me prior to the event?

Different makeup artists have different ways and preferences of working. To avoid any confusion or surprises, ask your makeup artist and hairstylist if she has any advice you need to follow before arriving at the event.

The most common concerns that may create problems are:

  • Do I need to wash my hair before I arrive?
  • What hair products can I use?
  • Can I color my hair?
  • Can I have a facial?
  • Can I tan or bleach my skin?

These seems to be simple issues but can make a difference. For example, coloring your hair or tanning your skin without telling your makeup artist beforehand may affect the agreed look she has prepared for you. A facial so close to the event can also make your skin puffy or red.

For me, I provide pre-wedding skin care tips for my brides prior to the event and I give pointers to make sure they arrive at the event relaxed and ready.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

12. Can you travel to my location?

Having your makeup artist travel to your venue on your wedding day will DEFINITELY lessen a lot of stress. Some beauty salons may offer cheaper rates if you go to their location, but having a professional come to you will remove the worry of transportation, schedule and if your makeup will survive the travelling time.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

13. Are you familiar with the area of the wedding venue?

This is important especially for destination weddings in Dubai and UAE because if you don’t know the city, you can easily get lost!

A plus point is that I myself have lived in the UAE for so many years that I am very familiar with the locations including insides of hotels and venues, so no worries about me being late or getting lost on the way to your venue!

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2

14. Do you provide makeup packages for the bridal party?

During the event, it will be much easier if you are talking to a single artist regarding the wedding party’s makeup and hair needs.  You should inquire if your artist can offer you a package that covers multiple people like bridesmaids and family members, and for sure you will get more value.

With my brides, I offer wedding packages to suit their requests and needs. My experience in big wedding functions is a definite advantage because it ensures that I am able to make every single lady happy with her look whether she is a bride or a wedding guests.

Dubai Wedding makeup Artist and hair stylist 2 

15. What is your rate, payment methods and what does the package include?

Asking a makeup and hairstylist about rates is not just one simple question. You have to clarify how much deposit is required to book your slot and also what is included in that price; for example:  transportation, meals, number of hours at the event, products like lashes and hair accessories.

For me, I provide an agreement to all my brides which clearly states things provided from my side, appointment time, payment methods and all other details.

I ensure that my bride reads all the sections so that there is no confusion on the day itself and my bride can truly enjoy her best moments.

These are just some of the most important questions you should ask your makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding. If you send me a message, I can help you in making your search easier because I can fully explain the process to you so you will be stress-free!

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