These are the 7 Beauty Products You Must Have to Survive the Dubai Summer

Summer is definitely here and the heat of the Dubai sun is making its presence felt every single minute we’re out of the comfort of our air conditioned homes and offices.

The scorching heat plus humidity in the UAE can be much harsher than most places in the world so I cannot blame you if you get frustrated because of multiple issues like dry or super greasy skin, chapped lips, sunburn and worse…melting makeup!

What I’m going to share in my blog are summer beauty and makeup essentials that can help you survive these next couple of months. I am keeping my suggestions generic because everyone of us has different preferences, skin conditions, etc.

So, here are Dubai summer beauty and makeup essentials you certainly need to have!

1. Water

Yes, you read this correctly. This is plain, good old H20. I am putting it first to get it out of the way and because I feel this is the most IMPORTANT beauty product. Hydration by drinking enough water is very essential. Make sure that if you are living in Dubai, try to choose the low-sodium drinking water which is better for you.

2. Lip Scrub

One common problem during the warmer months is having chapped lips. Although non-drying lip balms and lip moisturizers work, I still recommend a gentle exfoliation trick that will ensure smooth lips before applying your lipsticks.

CURRENT FAVE: DIY Rosewater Sugar Scrub

3. Sweat-Proof and Waterproof Mascara

Like any other female who loves putting on mascara, I experienced the occasional mascara streak once upon a time especially when I’m trying out a new hyped-up product. After years of trial and error, my experience has thought me that having the correct water proof and sweat proof mascara is essential to survive the hot Dubai weather.

CURRENT FAVE: Etude House Waterproof Mascara

4. Sunscreen

There are a lot of products with built-in SPF like creams, moisturizers and lip balms, however, it is still very important to apply a standalone sunblock product especially before you go out of the house. Apply something that’s at least SPF 35 to avoid any sun damage. Ladies, please put sunscreen before you leave the house especially if you’re driving because the harsh UV rays can still penetrate car windows.

One question that I get usually asked is how to properly put sunscreen, especially when putting makeup. I recommend putting it after all the skin products but before any tinted skin makeup product. During my private one on one makeup classes, I discuss with my students the proper way to apply sunscreen, the right sunscreen product to use for certain makeup and occasions plus how to make sure your sunblock will not ruin your photo by having a ghost face flashback! If you want to know more, MESSAGE ME to discuss about my VIP makeup classes.

CURRENT FAVE: Banana Boat SPF 50

5. Highlighter

One great thing about summer is that the bright sunshine gives us every opportunity to achieve our highlight goals. Even an inexpensive highlighter will definitely glow and sparkle so do not overdo it. Instead, just add a subtle layer of sheer on top of your cheekbones for that natural sun kissed glow.

CURRENT FAVE: Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter

6. Loose Powder

Whether I’m using a liquid foundation or just a tinted BB cream for my face, I make sure to top it with a loose powder to keep it in place. This will avoid melty makeup disasters due to heat and sweat.

Even if you are not planning to put any skin makeup, putting loose powder on top of your sunscreen can give you a fresher, non-greasy look.

CURRENT FAVE: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder


7. Bright Lipstick

Summer is a great time for brighter, playful lip colors. One of my tricks to brighten up my face even with very minimal makeup during the summer is put on brighter shades like coral, orange or bright pink.

CURRENT FAVE: Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Saw-C

It can become tricky to find the perfect lip color shade that can go with your skin tone. This is also one of the things I teach my students. I advise them how to shop for the right makeup products that suit them, plus how to combine lip and makeup products to get just the right shade. For more details about my VIP makeup classes, message me here.


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